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moments of funny and fun

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There are many moments of funny and fun working with kids, especially when you don’t expect it..

…last year, after a ‘prop malfunction’ in the scene where Carmen throws Don Jose a flower.. I was with 5th graders, in their school, at the outset of working with them on their retelling of the Carmen story, when one student, asked how he enjoyed the opera’s presentation, responded in complete annoyance: “I didn’t like it. Carmen was supposed to throw a flower to Don Jose, and she threw a plastic apple instead. She can’t do that. The flower is foreshadowing!”

…this year, facing a group of 4th graders, and speaking with the student who is playing Falstaff in the class’ retelling of Falstaff, I suggest a detail of acting, where he lets the girl of his affections know that he’s infatuated, by reaching to touch her hand. All 7 years of the kid took a step back –raised his hands in objection, and regarding me with complete affront, said: “Look. I’ve got boundaries.”

There is other fun to be had in this.. cartoons!

…and when the laughing dies down, there is the fun of the real thing..

..but by the end of the journey, there are smiles all around, and the hope of more!


Written by tomminteroffthestoop

April 14, 2010 at 5:08 PM

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