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..snippet of a casual conversation, conducted at the reception desk in my building:

“With all that road work going on outside, everything’s being dislodged. Paul found a mouse in his kitchen.”

“You know, that smell goes away after awhile.”

“What smell?”

“That mouse smell. When they die in the wall, or behind the refrigerator. The smell goes away after awhile.”

“Well that’s good to know. ‘Cause, you know, I wouldn’t want to remove it before experiencing that..”

…which made me remember having run across this, some time ago:

-which made me think how funny taking the piss out of opera can be, especially when done by French & Saunders-

That slid into thinking about comedy in general, and how it often eases the barb of politics, especially when there’s a President behind the podium who knows how to laugh..

And that then turned to thinking about playing with the ‘iconic’..

Cartoons remind me of morning, and started me thinking about a cup of strong coffee..

-which then had me surfing TV commercials, until I saw this parody-

…and I started focusing on the work I should be doing, but took a moment to look for the right tempo-

Ok. Work now. -but.. -no-


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