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..beyond the summer’s heat

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…seeds of this past Spring, flower now.. –even though it is well beyond the end of summer..

My relationship with the Berkshire Playwrights Lab continues to encourage me to have faith in other’s faith; a wonderful journey.

Joe Cacaci and I met serendipitously at a theatre event in late 2008; he, and BPL, have been active in making sure that my work is seen in a public arena, available for enjoyment, question and discussion. Their commitment to new work, and playwrights who tread in new fields of writing, is wholehearted and enthusiastic –and continues to keep facilitating original avenues to collaboration and presentation.

Shirley Edgerton, soul and inspiration for an emerging arts group called Lift E’vry Voice, had heard of my work from Eugenie Sills, founder and publisher of The Women’s Times. Eugenie had been to the presentation of The Orion, in BPL’s 2009 season, and felt that the issues and concepts of the piece spoke to ideas and ideals of politics and race that would resonate with Shirley, who, unfortunately was not able to attend.

Thereafter Eugenie was dedicated to bringing Shirley and me together!

That meeting occurred this past May; my piece, Groundwork, was in the Berkshire Playwright’s Lab first night Gala event. Eugenie brought Shirley, who connected with my writing, and later connected in proposing further opportunity for platform.

It was at that point that I first heard about the group Lift E’vry Voice, and their endeavor of bringing a broader canvas of arts events to Pittsfield.

Speaking with Joe Cacaci, I was able to identify common vision between the two groups, and moot the possibility of a joint activity; Joe and I have been hoping to do a reading of Reconstruction, for some time now, and the moment suggested some synergy for this occurrence.

Reconstruction follows the journey of ‘Ioni’, a character first introduced in The Orion.

With an ambition of presenting The Orion in its first season, it seemed perfect that, if possible, Lift E’vry Voice connect on a table reading of Reconstruction with the Berkshire Playwrights Lab, as the piece had resonance and purpose for both groups.

The conversations started in earnest; the tempo moved quickly, and the result is up coming!

It is wonderful to have found groups and individuals of such generosity and support; there is no telling where this kind of synergy and effort will take us.

But I will keep you posted!


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