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Dangerous love..

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..the compass of dangerous love is perfect ground for opera..

Here are some glorious moments, skirting imminent betrayal, or self destruction..

Dalila’s seduction..

Leonora pleads with the Count de Luna to free her imprisoned lover.. The Count, agreeing, is deceived, as Leonora, taking poison, knows that he will only have victory over a corpse..

Amonasro, gets his daughter to betray herself and her love..

..and then there’s Strauss’ Elektra..

..who waits in the darkness, in the dirt of the courtyard, longing for the avenger, her brother, to still the ghost of their murdered father, by murdering their mother…

..and then there’s Magdalena -in love with the Duke, who knows her brother has been hired to murder him -and Gilda, who knows it is her father who has paid for the murder; two women, in love with the same disaster of a man.. desperate to cheat the fate that awaits him.. But it is Gilda who sacrifices herself for this love..

but a vivid mad love.. goes to the madwoman Electra, in Mozart’s Idomeneo..


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