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…as far as ‘Minterisms’ go (‘serendipity’; ‘synchronicity’; and the like).. this one wasn’t one of my best; I came upon the announcement while randomly reading opera reviews..

..For some reason I was trying to get some ‘editorial’ judgment on a particular version of Strauss’ Die Liebe Der Danaë, and came upon such a review in an earlier online posting of Opera Today.

I read the review (which said to grab the CD, whenever it was possible) –but was distracted out of the last sentence, by an article in a side column, which announced that ENO (English National Opera) was in process of accepting global submissions to it’s Mini Opera opportunity..

I went to the site –very excited to read its contents –only to go slack jawed when I noticed that the open call had already been in place for more than 7 months!

It seemed I was reading the announcement –5 days before the deadline..

-but became so engaged by the scope of the company’s vision, and the selections of stories (out of which librettos were being solicited) that I suddenly found myself.. well, starting to write a libretto!

The full process of submission is through my own blog site..

I’ve finished the full, first draft of my piece; I’m letting it.. breathe- a day or so (I’ve 3 left!), and will then post it here, not only for those judges vetting submissions, but for all who would be interested in reading the dabbling of a fervid hope!

I have chosen to write a libretto (5-7 minutes) on Neil Gaiman’s story, The Sweeper Of Dreams..

My piece is called, Below Above.

..more soon.

Well.. 3 days, to be exact!


Written by tomminteroffthestoop

May 17, 2012 at 4:03 PM